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Training, Written exam, Evaluation in afternoon during Tournament style event.
Training & Evaluation conducted by
National Referee, Gary Goltz and IJF B Referee, Glenn Koyama

Vegas Trip 4-21 (18)
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Key information and requirements
  1. Active and current membership with USJA
  2. Background check with USJA or USA Judo
  3. CDC Heads Up certificate Training Sports Officials and Athletic Trainers. More details here
  4. SafeSport Certificate. Register or get copy of your certificate here
  5. Cost of the clinic will be $45 per attendees (An additional $10 if interested in regional certificate)
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If you have questions with any of the requirements, please contact Jerome at

Friendly scrimmage open to all along with IJF rules and USJA referee clinic. All donations to benefit Shoshinkan Martial Arts, a 501-c3 nonprofit organization. 
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