Sensei Pablo

My parents presented options for us thankfully, so we could decide which physical activities we liked best. My journey in Martial Arts started when I was 6, by training Butoku-Kai Karate. In an early display of character, during my first kata (form) evaluation, I was moving in the opposite direction than the rest of the class. I repeated the movements that I had practiced, while the instructors took notice of my peers hesitation I persevered, resulting in a medal and an honorable mention at the end of the grading. This experience enabled me to trust myself and my teachers. I encountered olympic Moo Duk Kwan Tae-Kwon Do when I became pre-adolescent. I enjoyed sparring and also the competitive aspect of the sport, which I trained for many years to come. Later on, as a young adult I studied Capoeira Gunga based on the teachings of Seu Pastinha. As a musician, I was drawn immediately to its flow, its demanding exercise and catchy rhythms. I have also practiced Boxing and still enjoy its physical and agility of mind requirements. I chose to become an Aikido practitioner over 12 years ago, and from day one it resonated with my core of beliefs. Its intention to defuse and deflect conflict; and its vision to restore universal well being while remaining strong and centered, made me a student of Aikido. It keeps me healthy and benefits me in my everyday Life. Join us in one of my classes and you will find lots of smiles, sweat and laughter. I am responsible of elevating cardio to benefit training stamina. I like to share basics and etiquette, and I also like to challenge your limits so we can hopefully discover new ones, while growing together in Aikido “The Art of Peace”.


TEL :  702-338-6463

4450 N. Tenaya Way Ste 135

Las Vegas, NV 89129



4:30 PM - 9.30 PM



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