Sensei Pablo

His journey in Martial Arts started at age 6 by training Butoku-Kai Karate where he earned Sensei’s honorable-mention medal during kata (form) evaluation.

He also studied olympic Moo Duk Kwan Tae-Kwon Do for several years, where he enjoyed sparring and also the competitive aspect of the sport.

After dabbling for a year or so with Capoeira, he relocated to Las Vegas, NV where he began his Aikido Journey.

He began training under Domingo Miranda (Dom) Sensei and Stanley Smith (Stan) Sensei where he earned his 1st Dan Shodan black belt  degree in 2011, then began practicing at Shoshinkan Las Vegas under David O’Donnell Sensei and Jeven Moravick Sensei, where he earned the rank of 2nd Dan Nidan degree belt in 2014. He has also studied with Arlene Mendibles Sensei and Vince Salvatore Sensei with Aikido of Reno, where he earned his Aikikai 1st Dan Shodan degree belt in 2018, and where he learned the value of performing Misogi through training.  


His fluid Aikido style is heavily influenced by Aikido teachers such as Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan, Christian Tissier Shihan, Donovan Waite Shihan, Yoko Okamoto Shihan, Ryuji Shirakawa Shihan, Rinjiro Shirata Shihan, Yoshio Kuroiwa Sensei, Chuck Mensch Sensei, Yesid Sierra Sensei and of course, by the teachings of O Sensei.


He also enjoys Boxing, Yoga, Football Soccer, HIIT and Pilates workouts.  

When you join us in one of his classes you will find lots of smiles and sweating. Pablo likes to show Aikido basics (KIHON), flow (KI-NO-NAGARE), centered technique and focuses on fundamentals of etiquette as well as physical endurance. His classes will challenge your limits so everyone can hopefully discover new ones while growing together in Aikido “The Art of Peace”.

Located at 4450 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

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