Manny San

A message from our Dojo Cho, David O'Donnell:

The shoshinkan dojo lost an exceptional asset and great light in 2020.  Emmanuel Tiongco Santos was training at the Shoshinkan before it was even called the shoshinkan.  Manny trained at this dojo with his stalwart companions Jack and Charlie since before 2013.  He started aikido training in his 60's, which is an amazing thing in and of itself.  The three elder gentlemen were instructed by Kelly in the mornings.  Manny laughed and joked about everything, especially enjoying the moments of respite his jokes would often create.  Seeing and knowing this laughing, smiling, self effacing, and self aggrandizing man was a significant part of the welcoming nature of the dojo as it now stands.  Those of you who knew him surely have moments and memories of light and life and laughter with Manny at the center.  Manny would often use vocalizations to help him survive especially energetic techniques.  Sometimes it sounded as if someone was being broken but it was only Manny's kiai.  


He will be sorely missed.  Manny, may your smile and jests uplift anyone you find yourself around even if they be angels.  This was a man who made the world a brighter place.  thank you.  And here's to finding yourself in heaven an hour before the devil knew you were gone.

Located at 4450 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

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