Manny San

    I'm what you might call a "late-comer" to martial arts. I didn't earn my Shodan rank in Aikido until July 2016. "Home grown" at Shoshinkan Dojo, I began training in 2010 when I was 62 years old. It took 6 long years and I’m on Medicare now. A senior citizen, I was also a slow learner, lol! 


    Why didn't I start at an earlier age? Well, life sort of got in the way. First, there was military service from 1966-1970, then graduation from the University of California, Davis in 1971. Those milestones were followed by a long successful career in the software industry, retiring in 1995 as Vice President of International Sales for a major US corporation. During the next decade or so, I mostly played golf and went fishing, until I discovered Aikido and got "hooked".  I'm 70 years old now. Yet, the health benefits, both mental and physical, from continuing martial arts training every week endure. For this, I'm grateful to all of the instructors and colleagues of Shoshinkan Dojo, Las Vegas for their service and dedication. 


TEL :  702-338-6463

4450 N. Tenaya Way Ste 135

Las Vegas, NV 89129



4:30 PM - 9.30 PM



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