Kosen Shoshinkan Tournament

May 1st, 2021, Registration is OPEN

Registration ending April 22nd 12 pm

Tournament details

1st STEP Sign up - Contestant information


2nd STEP Injury waiver, COVID-19 Waiver, rules and regulations. This is a Docusign so digital signature will apply.


3rd and final STEP Payment to finalize registration. All other steps must have been completed. We expect a high volume of requests so secure you place early

Black Belt

Non Black Belt WAIVER (As applicable) Not a black belt but want to compete in that division. This document is to be completed by an official USJA, USJF or USA Judo Instructor (e.a. your head coach)

Sound Scale

Does your dojo want to become an official weigh-in location prior to the Tournament?


Kosen Judo rules as per USJA regulation

Hotel Partner

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On May 1st, 2021 we will celebrate the life of Ray Marquez III and honor him by dedicating the tournament to his memory.

Vineland Judo club was the second club at which Sensei Dave practiced judo. Raymundo Marquez the third kept the club in a refitted church on the corner of East and landis ave in vineland nj. Dave Kawajiri and Big Ray,(his son is also Ray) welcomed Dave with open arms and an invitation to randori. Ray brought olympic teams (swedish and israeli to name two) as well as sambo players from Russia and judo greats from america to the dojo so we could benefit from such awesome sparring partneers. Big Ray Passed away in february in the night. He taught Sensei Dave, Arce, and Chuck judo and when his space wasnt being used for Judo it was the home of the vineland Aikido club under Pete Tamagni (who was a 4th dan in judo in addition to his aikido chops) As time passes and our elders pass on to what is next it is important to honor and remember them. Thank you and be well know that anyone who benefits from Judo at the shoshinkan has received such blessings in part form Ray Marquez the third. Big Ray won all his matches with Newaza!


Ray Marquez III

(Big Ray)

Located at 4450 N. Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

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