Sensei Dave


Sensei Dave was my senior at the Nibukan Dojo in Vineland, New Jersey where we studied Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karatedo and Okinawan Kubudo.  I recently traveled from my home in Delaware to Las Vegas to train with Dave over an extended weekend.  The 2,500 mile adventure was well worth it and I plan to make it a regular trip!  Dave is a fierce fighter, yet patient instructor.  His teaching of the art is holistic—the mind, body and spirit are trained as one. On this particular trip, we focused on kata bunkai (i.e., translating katas into practical fighting applications) and every lesson gave me new insight on how to elevate my fighting. I also had the honor of cross-training in the Shoshikan’s Aikido class and met some wonderful people, who immediately welcomed me and treated me as their peer.  I was most impressed with the fact that one of the students was 80 years old and still on the matt!  Everyone must find the true way in their training and the Shoshikan school honors that tradition.  Finally, I enjoyed observing several of the school’s children classes, which brought back fun memories of the old Dojo back home.  As a dad, I can unequivocally recommend this school to any parent looking to get his or her child off the couch, off the iPhone and into an activity that will foster self-confidence, improve health and teach that child that life’s only limitations are the ones they place on themselves.  With Karate, Judo, Aikido and weapons classes available, the Shoshikan Dojo is an excellent place to exercise, meet great people and cross-train in the martial arts.  And for all my fellow karateka, if you are in the Las Vegas area and you have any interest in elevating your karate you have to seek out Sensei Dave! 





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TEL :  702-338-6463

4450 N. Tenaya Way Ste 135

Las Vegas, NV 89129



4:30 PM - 9.30 PM



8:00AM - 4:30PM




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