Sensei Chuck


I started practicing Aikido in 1990 in Vineland Aikikai under Peter Tamagni Sensei, in Vineland, New Jersey.  I was also practicing Goju Ryu Karate and Judo at that time. 


In January 1995, Peter sent me to become uchi deshi with Yamada Sensei in New York Aikikai.  While there, I studied extensively with Sugano Sensei and Donovan Waite Sensei as well as Yamada Sensei, but also with Harvey Konigsberg, Jane Ozeki, Hal Lehrman, and Douglas Firestone.  I served in the dojo until the end of 1997.


I have been an instructor at New York Aikikai since 1995 until the dojo closed for covid in March 2020.