Sensei Arce

I started studying martial arts in 1975 in the Philippines. I studied Japanese karate, boxing, and Eskrima.  When I came to the United States, I wanted to learn karate, but the only place I found was teaching Korean karate called Tae Kwon Do. I studied it until I found Judo and Aikido which lead to my newfound disciplines.


I met my and friend and now Shoshinkan’s dojo Cho, Sensei Dave at the Vineland Judo Club where we learned Judo and Aikido together. Dave reached out  and ask for me to join him and begin teaching Judo at the current Shoshinkan Martial school in Las Vegas. I’ve been with Shoshinkan now for almost 8 years. I currently hold a 3rd-degree belt in Judo, 1kyu in Aikido, and Shodan in Tae kwon do.


I have tournament experience in Judo and Karate and supported Shoshinkan Martial Arts Judo team as a coach at the Winter’s Nationals of Judo in Azuza California.


I believe in the beginner’s mind (Shoshinkan translation in English) and that martial art is a never-ending pursuit of learning and giving.


As a student of a Judo, Aikido, and Karate I am still learning the inner art of peace. I learned from great sensei’s who are caring about the art and understand what it is to be a real martial artist and a student of budo. 

My previous teachers (Sensei) and martial arts lineage:


*Sensei Dave Kawajiri

*SenseiRaimundo Marquez Sr.

*Sensei Joe Walters

*Sensei Eddie Williams

*and last but not least Sensei Peter Tamagni