PHASE 2, We are Open

As part of that process there will be a few new steps required by all those attending classes:


a.) Every student is required to wash their hands at the dojo upon arriving and before departing the dojo. 

b.) Students will need to come dressed for class as the lockers will remain closed for the time being.

Restrooms will remain available, but this is not a changing room

c.) Personal belongings are to be placed in a closed bag or backpack.

d.) Each student must have his/her own water container and take it with him/her upon leaving the dojo.

e.) If a student is sick, the student will not be permitted to practice or to be at the dojo for the time being.

f.)  If a student lives with an individual with a contagious disease at home, the student will not be permitted to practice or to be at the dojo for the time being.


g.) Every student is required to wear a sport face mask that cannot be removed easily. Visitors will be asked to support students and to wear a face mask.


Additionally, there will be a COVID-19 specific waiver that will need to be signed by the students (or their parent/guardian) before training can commence.


Furthermore, training space in each class will be limited to comply with guidelines as specified by the CDC (minimum 6 feet distance, students and instructors must wear masks, etc.)

For these reasons’ classes will either be assigned or organized based on availability. Please call Sensei Dave or stop by the dojo to speak with him.


By now we have all become accustomed to changes and adapting to the new constraints to public and social interaction. Part of training is adapting. After such a long interlude we hope to see everyone at the dojo.  Let the training resume!


The mat and common areas will be cleaned after each class and a time separation to allow students to depart before new students arrive. An adjustment to classes time has been made. Please be sure to check our updaded temporary schedule to see new schedule or call Sensei Dave.

Below is a list of some products, not exclusive, we are using for the dojo cleanliness and particularly for handling current situation. As you know we are nonprofit and some of these items are costly. We thank our members for contributing in bringing some of the below items that we need replenished often.

1.            Disinfectant D.C. 100 

2.            Sani-cloth Germicidal Disposable Cloth

3.            Hitman Spray

4.            Wedge Disinfectant 

5.            Sporicidin (Brand) Disinfectant Towelettes 

6.            Lysol® Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner 

7.            Lysol® Brand All Purpose Cleaner

8.            Lysol® Neutra Air® 2 in 1

9.            Oxy-res (Concentrate)

10.          Bleach-rite Disinfecting Spray with Bleach

11.          Lonzagard R-82G12.          CPPC Ultra Bleach 2

12.          CPPC Ultra Bleach 2
13.          CPPC Storm
14.          CPPC Shower Clorox Everest
15.          Ultra Clorox Brand Regular Bleach
16.          Peraclean 15 (Peroxyacetic Acid Solution)
17.          Cavicide 
18.          Mold Armor Formula 400 
19.          65 Disinfecting Heavy Duty Acid Bathroom Cleaner 
20.          Clorox QS 
21.          Discide Ultra Disinfecting Spray 
22.          Discide Ultra Disinfecting Towelettes  Maguard 1522 
23.          Clorox Splash-Less Bleach 1 T-bone


TEL :  702-338-6463

4450 N. Tenaya Way Ste 135

Las Vegas, NV 89129



4:30 PM - 9.30 PM



8:00AM - 4:30PM




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